Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lazy me and the sea

I'm lazy and even a bit busy. So here's an old picture. Christi thinks I should make a film using it.
I have no ideas, however.


Bonnie said...

I remember this! You should pitch "Little Moon Monster" to publishers. It would make a great kids book!!! please please please!

Cynthea said...

hehe...but I'm an animator, not an illustrator. :P
besides...i don't think i have all the artwork anymore. I think left some of it at the camera guys studio.

I have no idea how a person goes about getting a book published anyway.

Bonnie said...

I know a bit about it. If you want I could help you, if you are serious about it. I don't think it would be hard because you already have storyboards for it right? You could reset the boards and lay them out as a book.

I have a bunch of books that are helpful to know how to go about it. And lists of publishers...I really think it would be worth a shot if you were really interested.

AND...animators illustrate alllll the time sheesh! Just think about our favorite, "Don't let the pigeon ride the bus" Mo Williams is an animator!!!

Bonnie said...

Yeah that is about as stupid as me saying "I can't animate...i'm an illustrator." Someday my first love will convince me to learn flash or something.

Cynthea said...

lol.... I would love more info on how to publish stuff. I can always repaint the missing artwork..and there's stuff that I think could be better.

And someday, yes, you should animate your illustrations. I think it would be so beautiful to watch. It doesn't have to be excruciatingly beautiful movement like Yuri Norstein. whenever you're ready to make a film, I'd love to help you.

Linda said...

I have been telling you (and so have several of your teachers) since you were just a little thing (like 6th grade) that you should publish a book. I know of at least one school library that would buy your book in flash. Then you would have to come talk to all the kids at your alma mater.

Tiki_Rox said...

This is beautiful. I think you should try the book pitch.

I wanted to do the same with Coqui. When i was still in school Fred Seibert visited one of my classes. He's the founder of Frederator and had just started a book line with mostly animators as the authors.

After class i approached him about my idea of turning my short into a childrens book. And then he threw me off by asking a very serious question:

So you want to write childrens books instead of animating? Is that what you really want to do?

To which I replied:

"Well it's one of the things i want to do."

Fred then told me very nicely and realistically:

"Childrens lit. is a hard market that's flooded. Some people spend their whole lives trying to get a book published. So find out if that's what you really want to do, if not, stick with animation and get good at that."

Mo Willems would probably say the same because it took him something like 5 years before he got his first book published.

Don't get me wrong. I still think you should try. Some people have long stuggles to do this. Other people try once, and get it right away.

So I say go for it, and don't let anyone deter you.
I think the illustrator Bill Wray said:

"Every Illustrator really wants to be an animator, and every animator really wants to be an illustrator."


Bonnie said...

Some reasons why I'm going into teaching:
a) I love kids and want do work with them one to one, not just passively by making books alone.
b) I like sharing new ideas with people, so I think I would love teaching.
c) I need to work with people period. It's just what makes me happy, working alone when I was trying to freelance was driving me crazy. I was depressed most of the time, and very lonely.
d) I realize that illustration for books is a long journey and I need work that will fulfill me and make me happy while waiting it out.
e) even when you start to publish books it takes a long time before you can live off book making . Most of the time you can't live off of it, unless you are hugely successful or if you travel around doing school visits, and are constantly promoting yourself. You usually have to either have more then one job or an understanding spouse. (ouch did I say that out loud!!?)

Jen said...

I see something English... no story line, but definitely English, little boys in sailor outfits and all that. Maybe the woman with the bustle is there, too.

Cynthea said...

Hmmm.... It could be fun to animate a person walking in a bustle. I wonder if its possible to find reference video of someone dressed up like that. I have no idea how it would affect your movement.

Or maybe a lady in hoop skirts....Bonnie could help me! or...what if it was a film of people wearing hoop skirts rolling around on the ground trying to get up.