Sunday, March 26, 2006


Last night, Tricia, Christi, and I went to the Sunshine Theater to see Neverending Story. It was awesome to see it again. I love that movie, no matter its flaws. I still think it's a pretty good movie, for what it is anyway.

Did you know that the actor who did the voices of Falkor and Gmork was also Skeletor?I just found that out.
In fact... I looked up the movie on IMDB and other sites to find out more information about the actors.

Bastian- Barret Oliver. He was in several things as a kid, including Cocoon and Knight Rider. He's now a photographer with a specialty in 19th Century Wet-Plate process.

"But it's only a story! They can't be talking about me!?"

Atreyu- Noah Hathaway. He was in a bunch of stuff as a kid, including a movie called Troll, which Christi says is awful. He plays a boy named Harry Potter Jr. The bio says he worked as a bartender for years, got lots of tatoos and studied martial arts, inlcuding muay thai. And now he teaches martial arts. Supposedly he's married to a woman but the photos I found seem suggestive of something else. Very wierd.

The Childlike Empress(renamed Moonchild by Bastian, of course)- Tami Stronach. This was her one and only movie, but she also came out with a single around then. There are 2 songs, Fairy Queen and Riding on a Rainbow.

She's now a dancer and choreographer. According to one website she is/was teaching yoga at New York Sports Club. She has a website...i guess if we really wanted to we could go see her dance.

More pictures of the actors: Different looks for the empress


Tiki_Rox said...

Whoa. The level of research and time you spent looking into all of this has officially made you a dork of the highest magnitude.

So i'll dress up as bastian if you'll dress up as the childlike empress?

whaddaya say?



Cynthea said...

Tricia was talking about dressing up as Atreyu for Halloween

nofoodforyou said...

Atreyu was so cute. anyway i feel bad for the verging on pedolphile pictures that someone took of him. poor kid. that's so wrong.

and yeah i really don't know how i missed all of those people calling atreyu "he" and "him". i guess i thought she he was a lot like jodi foster as a kid

Bonnie said...

bawahaha! I wish i was there! Scary

Amy said...

wow you could make a wikipedia entry on all the info you have collected here! Those songs... I'm glad she didn't decide to be a singer hehe >_< All my questions about what happened to the Neverending Story stars have been answered. Thank you Cynthea~ <3

sara with no real web page said...

hey this is a little off topci but not quite..

i just found out the other day that the kid from the original charlie and the chocolate factory (or was it willy wonka and the chocolate factory? whatever.) is now a dairy farmer somewhere in upstate new york.

and the kid i work with is the reincarnation of him. go charlie go!

Cynthea said...