Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Late night doodle

I found this really cool photo of a woman in a feathered hat. It was such a cool picture that I had to sketch it before I went to sleep. I'm sorry, Bonnie, for stealing your hat thing. I didn't mean to, honest.


Jen said...

I know, you're an animator, not an illustrator, but *could* you pick up some illustration work? You're SO good!!!!

Bonnie said...

WELL SHEEEESH...not only are you on my turf, but you are UPSTAGING ME!! beautiful linework. MORE...gah..MORE!

Bonnie again said...

how did you do that btw is that pen? illustrator? love that line!

Cynthea said...

to jen: From what I can tell, it's really difficult to get illustration work. I'm not even exactly sure *how* to, short of paying a fortune to be published in one of those illustrator books.

to bonnie: NEITHER!!! I drew it in Flash, cleaned up stray points in Illustrator, and then added the paper texture in Photoshop.
Although, I could've added the texture into Illustrator or Flash.

I really hated drawing in Flash at first. There aren't as many brush choices as Illustrator, and it doesn't "simplify" lines as nicely.

But.... if you hate dealing with bezier curves in Illustrator, Flash is nicer. Plus, it's really nice to sketch in.

Bonnie said...

gah...flash is everywhere. I think I have it on a disk somewhere, I need to install it. I prolly should kick illustrator off my computer (I rarely use it) and put flash on instead.