Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Art for TV - all 5 drawings

The Too Art for TV exhibit is over and I picked up the remains of my artwork today. A part of me is happy that 3 of them sold, and the other part of me is heartbroken to lose my drawings.

I figured I'd post the whole set of 5 drawings on my blog now that the exhibit is over.

Kabuki Mommy

Nobody Buys Grade B Eggs

The Why-Isn't-Your-Room-Clean Monster

The Grim Sleeper

Happy Noodle Monster

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Turkey continued.....

I've been so busy for the past month I haven't finished sorting through my good and bad photos or scanning artwork.

I took this photo for Tricia. It's a Chupa Chups machinein the Madrid airport. Tricia used to keep a giant tin of these lollipops in our apartment.

We ended up traveling for nearly 24 hours... 7 hours to Madrid, 4 hour layover, 4 hour flight to Istanbul...2 hour layover...1 hour flight to Izmir, 1 hour bus ride to Selcuk. it was awful. I should've made that side trip at the end of our stay in Turkey.

AND THEN when we got to our destination I called up the Hotel/hostel place to come get us and a guy on a motorbike showed up. Nelson and I stared for a moment....Was he expecting us two chubby people with luggage to climb on the back of that thing? What kind of place were we staying at?
After some awkward silence he told us to follow him to the hotel. In fact it was just a short walk away and everything was fine and the hotel/hostel was very nice.

Here are pictures from our day at Ephesus. It's one of the most spectacular ruins I've ever seen.

Nelson on an ancient Roman toilet. I can't believe people sat on those holes cheek to cheek.

Ancient sewer pipes.

Look! Ionic columns! and tiny looking people. I love funny photo accidents.

Statues of Artemis with multitudes of breasts and honeybees to symbolize fertility.

Ancient LEGOs?

Friday, October 02, 2009