Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Art for TV - all 5 drawings

The Too Art for TV exhibit is over and I picked up the remains of my artwork today. A part of me is happy that 3 of them sold, and the other part of me is heartbroken to lose my drawings.

I figured I'd post the whole set of 5 drawings on my blog now that the exhibit is over.

Kabuki Mommy

Nobody Buys Grade B Eggs

The Why-Isn't-Your-Room-Clean Monster

The Grim Sleeper

Happy Noodle Monster


christi said...

YAY I love these :)

Anonymous said...

I totally dig the "noboby buys grade b eggs" as well as the "asians eating noodles".

Cynthea said...

I'm really surprised people like "Nobody Buys Grade B Eggs."
I have no idea how my mom ever came up with that one....definitely the weirdest scolding I ever got for my less than perfect grades.

Anonymous said...

I received your drawing, "Nobody Buys Grade B Eggs" as a Christmas gift, and I just love it. While my mother never actually said those exact words, she definitely pounded that notion into me too.

Jen said...

Oh, Cynthea, I just love these! I'm glad your mom does, too. I love the Grade B eggs comment. ;-)