Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ken and Me, 1989

My aunt Yukari sent my mom and me copies of this photo, which we must've given to my grandparents 20 years ago or so.
It's 1989, the day after Girls' Day/Hina-matsuri. Those are my hina-ningyō behind us. They're a set of dolls for the holiday representing the Emperor and Empress with their attendants and furniture. And omochi, giant fake omochi.
My brother must be a little under 3 years old. It amazes me that he kept the kimono on long enough to take a nice picture. He was an obnoxious little brat back then. ;)

Here's my mom as a baby with HER hina-ningyo.

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Gwen said...

Great photos. Especially the one of your mom as a baby. :)