Sunday, August 22, 2010

Isa Bey Mosque, Selçuk, Turkey

We painted landscapes from photos in painting class recently, and I chose a photo from my trip to Turkey. I took this photo from the ruins of St John's Basilica. It was a beautiful view and Nelson and I spent a bit of time just sketching the mosque and the ruins around us.

The Isa bey Mosque was built in 1375 and incorporates stones and columns taken from Ephesus and the ancient temple of Artemis.

I love landscapes but I always feel perplexed when I trying to draw or paint them. I know my perspective is a bit off and the column looks weird, but I'm happy that I finally got the colors fairly accurate. We did an under painting using burnt sienna in the foreground, gradually mixed with a pale violet in the distance. It definitely helped me to divide up the painting and create a sense of space and atmospheric perspective.

photos of the mosque


Wickwise said...

Cynthea! This is beautiful! I may be reconsidering my views on landscapes...

Cynthea said...

Thanks! I love landscapes, but it's frustrating figuring out how to simplify all the details.