Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Old and funny drawings

I just spent a week at home in Michigan for Thanksgiving. It was too cold and too gray, just like I remembered it. :P

In spite of the grayness, I had a lot of fun. I saw my middle school teachers and hung out with my best friend in middle school, Gwen. In middle school we made these awesome Romeo and Juliet dolls for our Shakespeare unit. We made Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence and the Nurse. They were supposed to be marionettes, but we never quite got that far.

I should've taken some photos of them while I was home.
Anyway, I DID bring back some drawings from middle school and even elementary school. My mom took out these huge portfolios with Ken and my writings and drawings from childhood.
Here's a few items:

This one is from 1988. I think the fairies are awesome, especially the weird angel one with turkey hand like wings.

The next two must be from some time in middle school, probably after I got my beloved 72 pencil set of Prismacolor Pencils. Some jerk swiped them from my locker in middle school. I was devastated. Eventually, I saved up enough to buy the even BIGGER pencil set. I secretly snuck out and rode my bike across Ann Arbor Saline Road to get to Office Depot. In spite of the speeding cars and lack of safe places to cross, I made it there and back with my precious pencils.
This Cinderella drawing was my masterpiece. I thought it was the best thing I'd ever done. I even used a gold pen and white-out to decorate the stars and gems.
I assume the other drawing is Snow White, also complete with white-out stars.


Gwen said...

Love them! Whatever happened to our Romeo and Juliet puppets? Do you still have them? Could you post pictures of those?

Cynthea said...

I still have them. They're in my doll case in Michigan. I'll photograph them the next time I go home. Our set is long gone, and I think I gave Ruthemma the embroidered cross tapestry I made for Friar Lawrence's home.

Jen said...

Do you know that Judith also talks about your R&J puppet project? I'd love to see the photo.