Sunday, January 13, 2008

opera doodle in progress

Trying to figure out the color scheme...I"m not sure i want her dress to be orange...originally i was coloring it blue...but after other people's input i'm trying orange.

any ideas?


Tiki Rox said...

I love this illustration.

It's got a lot of detail but it's not gaudy.

It's ornate and whimsical.

maybe adding some violet lines to the top half of her dress if not throughout?

Bonnie said...

Well orange is complementary but I like the golden color it is


Yeah, I think the colors work alright here. the texturing on the surface of her garments is pretty ill. I look forward to seeing how you'll pull some of the other elements together.


Jaya said...

Just remember: never put the leading lady in green.