Sunday, April 23, 2006


Rainy view from a Starbucks window.
Yesterday was a cold and rainy day for sketching. We had planned to go to Central Park, but it was just to wet and drizzly, so we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art instead.

It was small group, and people came and left at different times. I met 4 new people who were all very nice..I wish they could've stayed longer, but I'm glad they braved the weather to come.

Other than them, there was Christi, Nelson and myself. Phillipe joined us briefly, then we walked over to Gina's apt. to hang out, eat dinner and draw a little more.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Passover

These are my sketches from Passover. I went to visit my great aunt Stella and my cousins on Long Island. It nice to see family again, and I saw a few people I haven't seen in years and years. My cousin Ben graced our ears with his every so lovely rendition of the Pesach 4 Questions 'rock remix' and improvised similar musical wonders with "Dayenue."
His singing was indeed enough. =-P

I'm not very happy with these's hard to do portraits with a brush pen, and even harder when you know the people you're drawing. I like the drawing of Ally(i'm sorry i don't know how she spells her name) but I made her look older.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Too tired to scan things on christi's scanner

the title says it all. between late nights at work and early morning attempts to go to the gym before, I have no energy to bother with scanning on christi's scanner and the moving it all over to my computer.

But I feel I ought to post you've seen it, too bad, if you haven't, then it's new to you.

I did these jewelry designs about a year ago. I have no idea if they ever made it to stores. It was one of the better jewelry jobs they had me do.

I drew the bodies for the top two. but not the head. she has the wierdest head.

For anyone who reads this who is NOT an animator, did you know that Betty Boop started out as a dog? Her hoop earings were dog ears originally and she first appeared on Bimbo the dog cartoons. And Bimbo was originally on Koko the Clown cartoons.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

no drawings

On Saturday we went to Dr. Sketchy's burlesque drawing again. It was awesome and the model was amazing. But....I haven't had time to scan the drawings yet. And I think I left my small sketchbook there, so I can't scan in any drawings from there either. a consolation, I give you a lame little watercolor I did a few weeks ago.

The first one is supposed to be the view from my window in Michigan. My brother and I always called the tree outside my window the "middle finger tree" because the pine cone thingies look like they're telling the world to f* off.

The brown triangle on the bottom is the roof of the garage/back porch.

The second painting was an attempt to paint the creek behind the house. It was a favorite place of mine to sit and dream. When I was little I liked to pretend that fairies lived under those willow trees that hung gracefully over the water. However, the only winged creatures fluttering beneath the branches are mosquiteos and gnats.

I HATE mosquitoes. and gnats aren't nice when they get in your nose and mouth. they do that a lot when you're riding your bike down the hill and over the bridge, esp. in the evening.

It's hard to draw a place from memory.