Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Too tired to scan things on christi's scanner

the title says it all. between late nights at work and early morning attempts to go to the gym before, I have no energy to bother with scanning on christi's scanner and the moving it all over to my computer.

But I feel I ought to post something....so....if you've seen it, too bad, if you haven't, then it's new to you.

I did these jewelry designs about a year ago. I have no idea if they ever made it to stores. It was one of the better jewelry jobs they had me do.

I drew the bodies for the top two. but not the head. she has the wierdest head.

For anyone who reads this who is NOT an animator, did you know that Betty Boop started out as a dog? Her hoop earings were dog ears originally and she first appeared on Bimbo the dog cartoons. And Bimbo was originally on Koko the Clown cartoons.


nofoodforyou said...

i want the julia roberts boop ;P

Bonnie said...

I like the sailor one