Tuesday, May 02, 2006

recent sketches

This top pic is the view from the north side of the Harlem Meer in Central Park. It's one of my favorite places to draw.

The other sketches are from my lunch breaks at work.. I liked to spend warm afternoons in Herald Square people watching.

The wierd old lady was...well weird.
Any time I took a late lunch, around 3ish, she would be there, preening and looking about coquettishly.
She clothed her saggy wrinkly skin in minimal clothing, short tight skirt, trendy high heels and shirts with the sleeves pulled down. The sleeves would ride up as she fixed her hair and makeup, so she would tug them down again and again. She seemed very proud of her appearance.


Gwen said...

The sketch of central park is beautiful. It almost makes me miss NYC. Also last weeks view from starbucks definately captures the mood of a rainy NYC day. I'll at least have to come back and visit someday.

nofoodforyou said...

i love the pic from the harlem meer too. that one lady is crazy. i wonder who she is waiting for? a lost love? maybe her sleeves were down the last time they saw her? the old guy look like Seth in your drawing. these are cool i should go draw some interesting people.

Jen said...

I know just where you must have been sitting for the top sketch. It's gorgeous! (The sketch is...)

Anonymous said...

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